Monday, October 12, 2009

Twitter Cleanse. Back Refreshed but Dumber

I kinda did it on purpose but definitely did it for longer then i originally anticipated- mainly because life got in the way- but i quit Twitter for a while (my last tweet was on August 23rd- WOW i can't believe it has been that long!!)

So every weekend for the last 3-4 weeks i have told myself, "Monday i get back on the bird"- but it has just not happened. I have also been less inclined to blog- all in the same cycle i guess. So what have i learned over the last two months with no Twitter participation? (every once in a while i would look at my stream to try to get myself back in the swing of things but with no avail):
  • I feel dumber. no honestly i do. much much dumber.
  • I went back to relying on Techmeme to keep up with what is happening in the industry- not 'real-time' because i don't visit the site 24/7 but definitely still a wonderful source to use (i also follow the stream on Twitter so i will go back to that)
  • Although i probably have spent more time reading longer, in-depth articles etc. without applying what i am reading with the community and listening/conversing about them it has less impact- so i felt dumber per my first point!
  • I crawled back to my Google Reader and noticed that many bloggers that i used to follow religiously aren't blogging as much- are they are on Twitter more? or like me on a cleanse with life in getting in the way? (yes there are many a blog post out there about the decline of formal blogging being replaced by Twitter)
  • I had a customer the other day dropped me a note- they were worried about me because i had been so 'quiet' - they missed my input because they followed me and subscribed to my blog and i had not been producing much. That was a nice reminder that i needed to motivate myself!
  • I have missed some major announcements- from people moving from one company to the next, new product enhancements, releases etc. eventually i find out but i was no longer one of the 'first' in the know
  • I miss it- i do. the conversations i have been having with myself are not as entertaining and provocative :-)
So...I am back on the bird. tweet. tweet.


Anonymous said...

Dear Daniela ... Using my photos without permission is one thing but to steal my bandwidth with it is another. Please remove the photo of the Dr Christopher Parasite Cleanse as displayed in your post "Twitter Cleanse, Back Refreshed But Dumber," ... To use the photo save it to your own space and rename it.... but do not take others bandwidth with it! Thanks,

daniela barbosa said...

as i said i came back dumber...always attribute but this time i didn't and i thought i did a local upload to google images. sorry . removed