Thursday, January 21, 2010

DJ Reorg Combining Enterprise and Consumer Divisions

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A couple of people pinged me last week to see how i was doing and to find out how i felt about the news that Dow Jones had a major reorganization and was combining the Enterprise and Consumer Divisions. As many of you know, i have been with the Enterprise Media Group (formally factiva) for 10 years.

Of course timing is everything and I happen to be on maternity leave and although i have spoken to a couple of my colleagues after the news (yeah i just couldn't help it!), i mostly have gotten the news from internal memos, blog/media coverage and industry analyst insights that have been published.

So what do i think? If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that since 2005 i have been writing about enterprise information delivery and the consumerization of information and information delivery and consumption tools in the enterprise. My main theory being that the tools that employees use outside of the workplace influence and drive the tools that they will ultimately use within the enterprise and at times become one and the same.

So since i have been advocating and working with customers for years trying to assist them in creating the right tool sets for their employees, i believe that the combining of the two divisions could not come at a better time. Four years ago when i first started writing about what our former CEO/EVP Clare Hart eventually called the 'prosumer' - those users were the early adopters. Fast forward to today and most if not all enterprise users are keenly aware of how consumer web applications, portals and tools operate and facilitate their information finding needs. These users now demand that the tools that are given to them to do their jobs offer the same if not superior functionality.

I am hoping that this change will make my job easier and even more rewarding when i return from maternity leave as we continue to leverage the technologies that the consumer media group has developed to deliver innovative tools for enterprise use.

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