Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcoming Ramona into Our Lives

Seven days ago on December 23rd we welcomed into our lives a baby girl- Ramona. The last 9 months have been an amazing experience thanks to my husband, family, friends and all the powerful women i have met through my pregnancy and birth.

Makes sense as to why no blogging, tweeting or anything else out of me lately- uh? :-)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season~ i certainly am!!


Jeremy Person said...

Congratulations! My mother is named Romona (she now goes by Mona). Kids are fantastic and change your life completely. They put your priorities in order so Mrs. Taxonomy file this life event under the category of awesomeness. My only advice is to let your husband help as much as he is able and tell him what you need as sometimes us guys really don't know. :) All the best to you and your family!

Sameer said...

Sending lot of hugs to you and Ramona. Wish her all the health and friendship, love and life.

Take care, Sameer