Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Needed 150 Million to Confirm My Thoughts

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Early this week prior to pressing 'publish' on my "Who gives a F? Florida, Facebook and 'Friends'" post i thought "am i going to sound ignorant that i didn't 'realize' how big and embedded Facebook is getting?". Well i got some positive feedback and agreement on flickr that others had only recently been noticing the same thing outside of their 'tech network' and today I felt even more vindicated when i saw the swoon of news on Techmeme triggered by Mark Zukerburg's annoucement that they have hit the 150million user mark.

I especially like John Furrier's take of why Facebook is being quickly adopted by all types of web users:
"Simply put: they broker transactions from finding lost friends, staying in touch with existing friends, making new friends, to finding and buying products and services."

And of course the last part of that statement is the money maker on the table.

Image|Flickr|Mathew Field

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