Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh Why Haven't I blogged So Much?

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Recently one of my co-workers bugged me yet again about why i haven't been blogging (thanks Brent~)- my response was that i have been chatting over here @danielabarbosa and contributing and managing Synaptica Central (never as easy as writing you own thing!) and investing a lot of my 'free' time on the DataPortablity Project - all things that i love and feel passionate about---and of course the old end-of-year getting contracts in the door excuses...but those are all excuses and i just need to prioritize and be more effective. At last count there are at least 8 great draft ideas on my blogger dashboard- shame on me...

Someone wrote a letter to Daniel Tunkelang recently that i had been thinking that i would write myself to him and he responded with "How Do I Blog So Much? Great responses and The Noisy Channel is certainly one of my favorite new blogs that i recently started reading religiously as i ponder myself -"how does he blog so much?"- thanks for the tips Daniel!

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