Thursday, October 23, 2008

DataPortability Community Manager Volunteer Role

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There are a lot of good people working day in an day out within the DataPortability Project and it seems that we are picking up steam again (more on that to follow). I am a big fan of having defined roles and responsibilities so i recently suggested to the Steering Committee that we try to recruit an official Community Manager as well as some additional roles that i will be posting soon.

I personally believe that a Community Manager role is an essential part of any web facing company or organization. It is not that active members are not doing some of the items that the role has been defined with- and that they will continue to do some of them- but that it will be great to have an individual to run with things. I also feel that the role is a great way for someone to pick up experience in a global public web organization with a lot of public exposure.

In the spirit of the DataPortability Project, this position was posted and then will be finalized when the appropriate candidate accepts the role. There are a lot of valuable things that a Community Manager can bring to an organization- and i just tried to outline them all based on other role descriptions i reference in the post. Since this is a volunteer position at this point- we want to make sure we get the right person and then finalize how they are going to contribute with their input in order to make THEM and DataPortability successful.

If you are interested you can read the Community Manager role description here and if you want to read additional thoughts from group members check out our discussion list.

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