Thursday, February 28, 2008

Practical Advice on How to Learn About the Semantic Web

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302 Semantic Web Videos and Podcasts for review, another $15 million in funding for Twine (and at least three Twines on the subject already for Beta users!), a new ZDNET blog covering The Semantic Web, a weekly post by Danny Ayers with links related to Semantic technologies that could take a week to review, my Semantic Web folder in my RSS reader is bursting and there is just so much more out there around Semantic Web that sometimes i don't know which way to turn- and i don't think i am the only one.

But even so according to google trends the topic is still not at the level it was in 2004 (i also wonder if that is because specific semantic technologies are now being discussed separately from the 'semantic web' phrase?).

Google Trends: semantic web

So how can anyone that is not working directly on Semantic Web Technologies but needs to keep up manage to do it? That is one of the items that the Semantic Library blog is trying to address for Information Professionals by exploring the meaning of the Semantic Web and how it might be used and developed in libraries

In a recent post on When and How to Learn about the Semantic Web, Fiona Bradley writes:
"it is difficult to find time to learn new things, particularly if you have no way to apply them in your current role. I learn best when I have a project I can apply my learning to, so for example, I started to use wikis in my work with library associations long before I used them in my job."

Great advice and her Blog the Semantic Library blog is going to be a great resource for information professionals trying to do just that.

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