Monday, February 18, 2008

DataPortability and Me Video Project

After watching Michael Pick's brilliant DataPortability Introduction video - as is usual when i get excited over something- i spouted my idea as a proposal for the DP community to do videos on what DataPortabilty means to them. A couple weeks later the project got even more specific via suggestions from others in the community to have the videos address five key questions.

So for better or worse - since i started the whole is my DataPortability and Me video.

Got something to add? It is not too late, you can also submit a video by tagging it dataportabilityandme from any video service!


IdoNotes said...

Nice job! Thanks for dropping by the podcast Chris and I did.

I found you on Twitter, added you in under my alter ego IdoNotes

Benjamin said...

I like the idea of the videos - I'm looking forward to the wrap up from them all!