Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Twine Preview by Nova Spivack with Robert Scoble

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If you have been keeping an eye on Semantic Web tools you probably have heard about Radar Networks' Twine platform and have also signed up for the Twine Beta which we all are eagerly awaiting access to. Catching up on my videos this afternoon i was pleased to see that Nova Spivack recently did a interview with Robert Scoble that provides an online demo of what Twine is about- straight from the horses mouth.

I tried to embed the video, but the podtech embed code was not working so here is the link to the complete version or if you short on time a 10minute version is also available.

According to Spivack, Twine will be a hosted services that will be free for individuals (Ad supported) for public use and there will be pro and corporate access accounts (details not available yet and no discussion of enterprise version but obviously there is a huge market there for Twine). Scoble as usual asks some good questions around what the application will support and a lot of the answers are of the 'not yet but we will' status but that is to be expected.

Semantic Web applications have been somewhat sci-fi, not because of the technologies per se but because a lot of the data that would make them truly valuable to the user has not been easily available, but soon like Richard McManus predicts they will become popular and successful due to their ability to get better content results and make better data connections as a lot of web sites and services that provide content adopt some of the standards like GRDDL, (which allows people to publish data in their traditional formats, such as HTML or XML, and specifies how these data can be translated into RDF.) that Spivack mentions in the video. These standards that the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is developing along with other initiatives like dataportability.org are making the Semantic Web more accessible and easy to use. Twine looks to be at the forefront- i will report back once i finally get access.

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