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Synaptica from Dow Jones Taxonomy and Metadata Management

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April 2008-If you have found this post it was posted out of date sequence in order for me to quickly link to a written description of Synaptica a Taxonomy and Metadata Management tool that i am the Business Development Manager for at Dow Jones. At this point they are redesigning the Synaptica web presence which means that this data is not easily available for me to link to (aside from putting it on my on web server)- problem resolved temporarily and please note i might make changes here.

Synaptica is the result of over a decade of continuous research and development driven by power-users in the information management and library communities. An unparalleled set of features has evolved to meet the uncompromising demands of taxonomy and authority file experts:

• Manage glossaries, dictionaries, lexicons, taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies and name authority files
• Supports ANSI/NISO Z39.19; ISO 2788 & ISO 5964
• Simple search or power search modes
• Standard hierarchical, associative and equivalency relationships
• Customizable semantic relationship types and behavior rules
• Meta vocabulary clusters and crosswalk mapping
• Multiple categories for a single term
• Expandable hierarchies and relationships
• Approval & candidate term statuses
• Customizable data entry templates and rules
• Dynamically enforced rules-based logic
• Collaborative and compartmentalized portals
• Role-based granular permissions
• Robust scalable enterprise-class architecture
• Web Services remote data access and write control
• DBMS deployment on Oracle and SQL Server
• COM and Database APIs for systems integration
• Logical delete and restore of terms
• User ID and date-time stamping
• Online reports using report wizards
• Bulk import and validation functions
• Various export formats including, MS Word and Excel, CSV, XML; ZTHES, RDF SKOS and OWL
• Unicode UTF-8 support for non-western character sets

Web-based User Interface

The entire Synaptica application has a web-based user interface enabling access by location independent knowledge workers. A “portal” system allows project teams to access subsets of the vocabularies with user functional privileges controlled by 12 permissions levels from read-only through super-administrator. A suite of online report wizards allows users to create alphabetical and hierarchical reports as well as various export formats including CSV, XML; ZTHES, RDF SKOS and OWL

On-the-fly Customization
Another of Synaptica’s strengths is the ability to customize the system in minutes. An extensive menu of administrator’s tools, all fully accessible via the web-UI, allows users to: create new vocabulary files; define the metadata elements; create new kinds of semantic relationship types; configure rules-bases to govern semantic and taxonomic house-rules; customize display formats and perform data import functions.

Enterprise Scalability
Synaptica provides an enterprise-class solution for authority file and controlled vocabulary management. The system uses a library of COM business objects, which can be accessed through the web-application or via an API. The system supports SQL Server and Oracle databases scalable for multiple users and millions of terms and relationships. A library of stored procedures supports native database API integration.

Onsite or Remote-Hosting
Synaptica is a client-server web application that can be installed locally on a client’s intranet or extranet server. Alternatively, Dow Jones can host client systems on our secure servers, which means the client needs no special equipment. In either case, systems use password-protected accounts, so users can access all of Synaptica's features from anywhere in the world using standard personal computers and web-browsers.

Dow Jones Client Solutions Taxonomy Consulting

Dow Jones Taxonomy Services consultants help organizations to build, deploy and maintain working taxonomies tailored to their individual needs. We provide:
  • proven experience at gaining senior management and inter-departmental commitment on quality benchmarks and ways of measuring return on investment,
  • cost-saving approaches and tools, and advice on the benefits and disadvantages of the different approaches;
  • knowledge of resource allocation and elapsed time for taxonomy projects,
  • And practical assistance with taxonomy design, development and implementation best-practice advice, practical tips and "war stories" to help you avoid project pitfalls and speed up project completion

Consultants work with clients on a modular basis in the key project phases of assessment, design, delivery, adoption and maintenance. The level of service is matched to your needs and resources.

Dow Jones Taxonomy Development Services: Helping you build or customize taxonomies

Dow Jones Client Solutions (DJCS) manages one of the largest dedicated global taxonomy resource teams, providing editorial expertise across multiple industry sectors. From the creation of precisely tuned authority files to the development of large-scale taxonomies across multiple domains, including ongoing maintenance, DJCS can be your service partner for outsourced taxonomy and controlled vocabulary development.

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