Monday, October 15, 2007

Reiser 2.0- How Sun Microsystems is doing what others are not even thinking about yet

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Two Fridays ago i got to spend one of the most memorable thinking and learning sessions in a small conference room at the Sun Microsystems office in Menlo Park with a handful of folks including Peter Reiser and Mike Briggs from Sun, Robert Scoble and my colleague Greg Merkle.

Robert, Greg and I had already had some good conversations about a 'new media' white paper (more on that to follow in another post) we are writing together around emerging technologies and behaviors in the enterprise and i had this crazy idea to invite Peter and Mike to join our working session on Friday and they agreed which i was thrilled with because i knew they were up to something cool- and they certainly did not disappoint.

I met Peter and Mike two years ago through some of my other contacts at Sun- and since then we have been keeping in touch through our blogs, twitter, facebook, flickr, eyejot and whatever else we find ourselves in. Peter just renamed his blog Reiser 2.0 because that is what everyone at Sun calls him now a days and Mike and his team share much of what they do publicly over at the OneStop Secret Sauce Blog. They are part of the Sun Customer Engineering group that just had their annual Conference in Vegas and we got to see a preview of what they were going to roll out at the conference last week.

We weren't supposed to make it public before they announced it at the conference so Peter finally got a post up on Community Equity in Action over on his blog that provides a nice overview of how they used the conference to launch their home grown "Facebook for the Enterprise" service that will hopefully become a very successful key part of their CE 2.0 architecture. Peters thoughts and passion for Community Equity as a way to measure Social Capital for an enterprise is both fascinating and promising.

I personally think that what they are building will eventually become a common tool for collaboration in the Enterprise and look forward to hearing more from them as to how it is adopted and the returns they start seeing from their deployments. I have no doubt that soon enough we will also see Facebook like white label platforms for Enterprises.

In the upcoming weeks i will hopefully be sharing more about the 'new media' white paper we are tasked with writing including some of the things we learned at Sun. Our hope is to also reach out to the community for you participation so... watch this space.

CE 2.0 logo photo credit- by Neeraj Mathur who also works on Reiser's team and we met last week and was instrumental to their CE 2.0 launch.

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Neeraj Mathur said...

Daniela: Thanks for the mention of our project. For the record: I am the Sr. Technical Program Manager managing the delivery, implementation and adoption of CE 2.0 inside SMI.