Monday, October 15, 2007

Murdoch at Web 2.0 Summit

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I was just looking at the conference details for Web 2.0 Summit this week in San Francisco. Unfortunately i am not going and it is already sold out anyway.

Looks like my soon to be new boss (that would be the one on the left in the photo unfortunately not Homer-d'oh!) will be participating in one of the evening events titled "Dinner & Conversation with Rupert Murdoch & Chris DeWolfe" at the conference. Speculation is that MySpace is getting in on the Platform train which i have been hearing buzz about for a couple of months.
On the same day according to Mashable a launch party for the new San Francisco MySpace office will be taking place and job posts on Craigslist claim that they are looking for people who are knowledgeable with the technology industry in the local and surrounding San Francisco area. D'oh and I haven't received an invite for the party but i am currently available if they act fast that is... but then again i don't even have a MySpace account i use that Facebook stuff instead so i might be disqualified.

All joking aside it will be interesting to see how this plays out at the conference, where many including Microsoft and Oracle plan to make announcements.

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Luciano Alves de Oliveira said...

Hello Daniela, how are you?

I read your Blog through RSS every single day ..congratulations.

If you know portuguese you can check a list of articles from WEB 2.0 Summit @

We made an realtime texting from there...