Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bloglines will you win my heart back? Well at least you now have my attention

Bloglines was one of my first browser based RSS readers- one that treated me well until Google got in the game. If it is true that they are adopting APML then they might win my heart back from Google Reader (although rumors claim that Google is also looking to support APML as well) - which might turn my RSS reader choice into a battle of the bands or rather a battle for my attention! (i use many RSS aggregators )

I got my info on the Bloglines APML support first from the Particls folks and there have been a handful of other posts on the topic today as well.

APML stands for 'Attention Profile Markup Language' and you can learn more from these APML FAQs. i passionately believe that it is one of the solutions to the information overload we are dealing with- both in the consumer and in the enterprise space.

I am a member of the APML workgroup because from the minute i discussed the concept of Attention with one of the founding members Chris Saad, i knew that this was going to be essential in ensuring that information delivery in the enterprise continues to evolve. The consumer space is simpler (although scary advertising issues always come up) when we have discussions about Attention.

i also participate in the Attention Data Meetups in the Bay Area- we haven't gotten to really discussing enterprise use of Attention. There are many challenges to Attention gathering, ownership and distribution in the enterprise and i hope to explore this topic more over the next few posts.

Just today i had two conversations- one with a colleague and one with a client- where the topic of my 'attention' came up- there are a lot of people that constantly ask me how do i have time to keep up on everything- well i am special (read 'addicted') so i spend a lot of time tracking, tagging, consuming. My Attention Profile is public and as tools become available in the marketplace that help us share our Attention with others that have similar attention needs- i envision a "few in the enterprise being the eyes of many".

BTW- my wooing Bloglines- One big negative that Bloglines NEEDS to fix because the majority of the real world is just not ready for OpenID.....when i requested my password it sent the password in plain text back to me- NOOOOOOO good! I usually unsubscribe from any service that does that immediately since it is such bad practice... but because they are offering OpenID i won't - yet hoping they fix that.


Bjorn Tipling said...

Thanks for your positive comments Daniela. We're really looking forward to supporting APML in the future. As for the clear text password, it is something we're discussing, but it's great to get outside opinions on the matter.

Thanks again.

Bjorn Tipling
Bloglines Engineer

Eric Engleman said...

In your post, you mention that your attention profile is public. Yet when I clicked on the link profile, I saw a message saying your profile was not shared.

Just wondering. I hadn't seen a public attention profile mentioned in a post, so I was excited to see what you're reading.

daniela barbosa said...

Thanks for your comments Bjorn!

Eric- my bad i hadn't made it public- you should be able to get to it now:

i am still playing around with it. More information can be found on engagd.com