Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Access of Web 2.0 tools behind the Enteprise FireWall

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I received a Facebook message today from a friend and former coworker letting me know how her new gig was- she seems to be happy enough but imagine my shock to hear that her new company does not allow Gmail or any sort of chat- seems like Facebook is still ok - well at least for the time being. The other day i met someone who told me that her computer at work (insurance claims) only has access to corporate applications- no web access whatsoever!

I understand issues of compliance and security for certain types of workplaces but for some stupid reason i am always surprised to hear this since my tolerance for not being 'connected' is very very low...

According to this Sophos report- 50% of employees are blocked from access to Facebook at work. I admit i check Facebook a couple times a day, like i do Twitter, RSS feeds and Techmeme. Facebook has an 'online' status feature so i always think about coworkers who are on the East coast after hours on Facebook while it is still working hours on the West coast and they probably think i am slacking off.

Just today however- during work hours- i used Facebook to try to confirm a work related meeting. Leaving an old fashion voicemail, then knowing the person was at a conference dropping them a message in Facebook and an e-mail. Mission was accomplished- 1. E-mail returned 2. Facebook message return 3. no callback (i don't like phones either so fine by me).

I am pretty sure however that as people walk by my cube at the office- they see me on Facebook or Twitter and think i am goofing off-but it is just another communication tool for me- one that i am expanding from using only for my social 'friends' to some of my savvy clients. Right on- hopefully neither my company or theirs will block these tools and we can continue on.

What to contribute to my delinquency? :-) Join me on Facebook or Twitter.

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Lee White said...

did you see the article in the Financial Times yesterday. I saw the hardcopy version so I don't have the link. this seems to be growing into quite the topic lately.