Thursday, August 09, 2007

Social bookmarking comprehensive list and social bookmarking 101 video

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I have posted often on social bookmarking especially in the Enterprise space because i believe it is one of those 'Web 2.0' applications that will eventually become common across all enterprise tools. Mashable always has great list of services and this one provides a comprehensive look at social bookmarking tools across both consumer and enterprise solutions.

The list also includes social news sites like digg and reddit that allow users to rank and promote content as well as a sub-category of social bookmarking sites with clipping features like clipmarks (which has a recent pairing with Forbes).

While cruising around the Mashable site i also found this well done video to use as an introduction to social bookmarking if you are trying to introduce the concept.

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Ben Metcalfe said...

Hey Daniela

Bookmarking in the corporate/enterprise space is very much part of 'corporate knowlege' and as such many enterprise companies are quite weary of using public services for this task.

A single page, bookmarked by a key developer could indicate a direction a project is going in. A large number of employees bookmarking the same thing begins to indicate some corporate intelligence around an area.

Do you know of any 'roll-your-own' clones that companies can install behind their firewalls?