Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Office 2.0 Comic Strip- Enterprise Adoption (Episode 1)

Over the last few weeks i have started and stopped a handful of blog posts on user adoption of Web 2.0 in the enterprise. One is titled "Change Management 2.0" which is a term i have been using (yeah i know) and is focused on the new business processes that Web 2.0 technologies may bring into the enterprise. Over the years, i have worked with many large enterprise customers to implement, roll out and ensure adoption of information creation, distribution and consumption tools and of course now many different Web 2.0 tools are weaving themselves in.

I haven't finalized any of the Change Management 2.0 posts mostly because i constantly get distracted by all the other bloggers out there that are writing on similar subjects. So instead i thought it would be fun to create an Office 2.0 Comic Strip, that pokes a bit of fun on both sides of the Change Management process- management and employees.

So i present to you the first episode of the Office 2.0 comic strip (view full size from below and be patient my pages are large and take a while to load). In the episode the office manager is asking his head IT person for help to bring the office into a Web 2.0 world. Hope you enjoy it- come back for episode two if you do.

I am using a great new tool called Scrapblog that is built on Adobe Flex. i have been playing around with Scrapblog over the last few weeks (for example including being a good promoting band wife-i switch the dates and venues with a couple clicks and it updates in all the places the scrapblog is embedded).

I love the power it gives users to create a high quality digital content experience- Any tool that empowers the end user to create content is a good tool. If it also frees them to become creative beyond their technical means it becomes a great tool.


Mark Bean said...


Mike Wagner said...

Love it. Thought you might be interested in the same topic
“I expanded a portion of this new picture to incorporate the two facets of Web 2.0 (The social collaborative paradigm shift & the Web 2.0 technology enablers that make this possible), how these once implemented correctly make up the Enterprise Web 2.0 infrastructure, and lastly how with the addition of a Enterprise collaborative paradigm shift, all make up Enterprise 2.0.”

daniela barbosa said...

Glad you liked it- stay tune for episode two coming soon!

thanks for the pointer over to your posts on Enterprise Web 2.0.

rajendran said...

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Faust Haus said...

Hi Daniela!! Your blog is really fantastic & informative...I just went to Scrapblog for the first time and have already been passing around the link to clients who are interested in maintaining their own web galleries...totally impressive and intiutive!! Thanks for sharing.

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