Saturday, March 10, 2007

Announcing a Companion Channel to my blog

I wish I was going to the SXSW conference because it looks like a blast and lately i have really been getting into video, but alas i am in Orlando until Wednesday for our annual global sales conference. But that is OK because Jeremiah, like many other bloggers are live blogging from the events which keeps me in the loop.

Meanwhile however, because i might be a bit quiet over the next few days, i would like to announce my channel on information delivery which will be companion to this blog. I have already posted a couple of videos and like the quality way better then YouTube for the types of videos i am producing. I also like the fact that the showpage is 'clean', allows me to present an introduction trailer were i mention the fact that "The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my past,future or present employer" and doesn't include weird video links like YouTube. I typically forward my videos to clients or prospects and sending them to YouTube sometimes can be scary because who knows what types of videos will pop-up after they finish viewing mine!

I will probably continue to post video on my YouTube, but videos on information delivery tools, solutions and my thoughts in general will be on the channel.

Let me know what you think and if you have a suggestion for an Information Delivery Video episode, let me know!


Carter said...

Hi Daniella,
This would actually be a fascinating experiment with There are a lot of people using blip that are adding their feeds to the site in order to have discussions centered around the content in the conversational player. I'm always looking for forward-thinking social media-ists to invite to come join the crowd. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll give you the VIP tour.

Sheila Webber said...


Really appreciate your blogging & video efforts!

(But) When I try to play the blop videos they gets all chopped up into small chunks and won't play smoothly - anyone else having this problem?

Thanks, Sheila

daniela barbosa said...

Sheila, thanks for your comments. I haven't had any reports of issues from others. Are you on a slower connection perhas?
The other thing i like about is that you can choose the to view it in an alternative format while some of the other video sharing sites only provide on output. Try some of the others and if you continue to have issues please let me know!