Sunday, January 28, 2007

Enterprise Blogging - looking for use cases

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Last week i was visiting with a client and the topic turned to the use of Blogs by companies to communicate both externally and internally. As we continued to talk we targeted in on the use of Blogs for internal communication and creating synergy within work groups. So on my list of follow-up items for this customer was to:
  • Send them a copy of Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel- They hadn't read it yet and since i read the book last spring i have sent it to a handful of clients and prospects because it provides an awesome foundation as to the importance of blogs.
  • Send them information about internal corporate blogging, specifically case studies and information to build a business case. A bit harder to find. So below are some items i will be sending (actually i will just send this post!).

Early last year i started talking about internal blogging and since then have also seen some great uses of blogging tools within my customer base, including promotion of library information services, executive 'voice' blogs, and group work blogs- but aside from generalizations it is hard for me to discuss specific case studies due to confidentiality agreements. So here are some items:

If you have additional resources you can share about internal blogging in the enterprise please add to the comments! thanks-

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