Sunday, April 16, 2006

Lazy/Busy sunday afternoon (kinda like Work/Life)

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on this busy/lazy afternoon that even saw some late afternoon sun and nice sunset after all day grayness- i did the following in addition to my blog surfing:

>>> downloaded Linkedin's Outlook plugin- very very cool- i have a feeling it will become a very useful tool for me. Immediately i saw value- the 'keep in touch feature' alerted me to a personal e-mail from a former collegue that i had just never gotten back to. The neatest feature i have found so far is the 'Grab' feature that allows you to highlight a sender's signature and with one click import into you outlook contact list- with all the data in the right fields! I uploaded a quick avi film here that will give you an idea of how it works)-- i just hope this doesn't crash my outlook like Plaxo eventually did. I found Plaxo overall annoying and although i use the web version i have since disabled my outlook plug-in.

>> downloaded the Google Talk for BlackBerry- i have been waiting and waiting for Verizon to support the Yahoo! Messenger Blackberry feature- it seems that Google didn't have service restrictions. Now i can't wait to have someone ping me! (danielavbarbosa in case you feel the need to be first ;-)

By downloading two desktop applications- i broke the golden rule of experiment in which you should do one thing at a time to control the environment. oh well atleast i decided to wait until next week to download the google desktop search appliance which is on my to do list- hope nothing crashes...

>>I have a couple of Ning applications that i have been playing with. I created a new one because i needed to upload a AVI file for item #1 above. I can use it as a library for my media files if i do not want to host on a web server. i have to spend more time playing around with ning-on the list

>>last weekend i stayed away from the laptop and took monday off- with a focus to catch up on my reading. Since i had to be in Pheonix on tuesday i headed down to Tucson- and got a room near the pool. I caught up on my reading finally finishing books that i had been browsing and hungering to have the chance to read cover to cover- Naked Conversations, The Search, Good to Great and a handful of magazines that i have needed to dig into--all thought provoking and energizing. On my return home flight the poor guy who helped me hurl my luggage up in the luggage comparment must have thought i had bricks in there. When i returned- i updated my physical top shelf
of books as well as my Ning Bookshelf

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