Monday, September 11, 2006

Will the real Robert Scoble please stand up?

Just watched The McVlog Robert Scoble interview, great stuff. Robert blogged about it as well but i saw it on the McVlog first. I started visiting Daniel McVicar's McVlog recently because of his box set from Blogher which included a video interview with Arianna Huffington that i saw them record at the conference- funny stuff.

This short video will allow you to have a 'relationship' with Robert- hey that is what he calls it- and i have to agree. He talks about the difference in reading 100 blogs and seeing a video- especially when trying to show someone how to do something. I tried it here a couple weeks ago when i felt a video response was appropriate to describe how RSS alerts were going to be incorporated into one of our products based on a query i received. of the highlights of the video, had to be when McVicar points to the obvious resemblance between Robert Scoble and Philip Seymour Hoffman- who is obviously destined to play Robert in the 2007 version of Pirates of Silicon Valley movie. I have seen Robert in person at some events and i certainly agree-

Want to see if you can tell the difference? Try this Simple Game i put together of 'Is it Valley or Hollywood?


Patrick Williams said...

Daniella - once agin, you have hit it spot-on! The convergence of blog and video causes a the lines between media channels to blur, and all for the better in my opinion. Taking your YouTube video as a case in point; the use of video allows your audience to live the benefit of the old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words. Makes me wonder if we could use this in telling the compelling story of the great career opportunities that exist at guess is that we'll be speaking about this pretty soon!

danielmcvicar said...

cool game!
It is an interesting world now, with video leading the convergence.