Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lunch 2.0 at Hitachi Data Systems- thank you Jeremiah!

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Jeremiah proves himself as not only being a great connector in the web world but also a fine event coordinator!

Down to the signs in the parking lots to the HDS Executive Briefing Center- so none of the attendees would get lost- to the excellent 'play on words' on the back of the swag give away t-shirts (see image on the left)- the event was a lot of fun and i also got to spend time with some very interesting folks.

I had a great conversation with both Hu Yoshida, VP and CTO and Claus Mikkelsen, Chief Scientist and Industry Expert- both Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) executive bloggers- these folks get it. Let's face it they had a room full of people who are either interested in web technologies, social media or b2b or b2c web businesses, all in need of storage. What a great way to reach out to a whole new buying segment for HDS. We talked a bit about the use of blogs in what i like to call the 'listening' part of sales which i have blogged about before.

On his blog post about the event Jeremiah says "IÂ’ve got a few things to brag about, the entire event was spread via blogs and emails, and we didnÂ’t spend any money on getting the word out." Yep-you do.

More information about the event including those that had demo desks can be found here on the Lunch 2.0 Site. Here is a pic of me talking to Shel Israel.

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Jeremiah Owyang said...

Your shirt made the conclusion of this video by Holly! cool.