Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Google News adds Factiva (and others) to its newspaper archives

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the hush hush when the channel marketing folks visited i guess is out of the bag with the following that got forwarded to me this evening: It's official Google News adds Newspaper archives. Factiva is one of the content aggregators that is participating as one of the subscription services retrieved as part of your archive results.

We have been doing it with Yahoo! since June 2005 so it isn't a big deal except that i am pretty certain that more enterprise information workers use Google instead of Yahoo during their work hours -as they conduct research with web searching and even with Google desktop search. Look at what our EX-CEO (she recently went to Dow Jones our parent company) had to say about Google back in July 2004.

Users can either access through the News Page (i couldn't find it i went straight to it) or directly here: http://news.google.com/archivesearch

When results are presented they are presented with a timeline and you will see "Pay-Per-View - Source Name - Factiva, a Dow Jones & Reuters Company" for those articles you can use your existing Factiva subscription (you can also buy subscription access) . Many of my customers have subscriptions to Factiva Search so a simple cookie will send them on the way to the full text of the article. I have no idea at this point how the algorithms (our's not Google's) are being executed by the way- i haven't been privy to the conversation- so more on that as i find out.

After trying a couple of searches-I cheated and searched for 'factiva' to be certain i would get a Factiva sourced article. When you select the headline from the results page you are brought to the following page:

You click on 'View full article' to get to the article seamlessly if you are cookied (or you get prompted for a userid). The page also displays a short list of related Articles using iWorks technology (iWorks is the older sister of our new Search 2.0 functionality-i am not sure why it isn't Search 2.0 although there must be a good reason).

Anyway as clearly marked it is in BETA and i will promptly submit my feedback as usual (more and more we go straight to customer BETA- because as some may say, if it ain't in BETA it ain't cool- i however think it is a great way to develop products for our customers, with our customers- so submit your own feedback. [note: i couldn't find the regular feedback button that is the first piece of feedback!]

Back in May after going to hear Chris Anderson speak i posted about the huge value in archives that the 'long tail is producing. Factiva and other content aggregators have been telling the what we call the 'Good Enough Search' engines that their Enterprise audience wants premium content and companies are willing to pay for their employees to ensure solid business decisions - Google News Archive is just another way for them to get to that content. Google perhaps didn't originally look at this as another way to service the Enterprise Market?- but i think they might have just again-

Update: Found this on paidcontent.org -

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Jason Malatesta said...

Daniela, you say: "if it ain't in BETA, it ain't cool" So if something is in "Alpha" is that even cooler?
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