Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Endless Choice is Creating Unlimited Demand

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Last Friday I went to see Chris Anderson speak. I took some notes which have promptly been in my notebook that i currently do not have access to but i do remember a couple of things that certainly interested me.

-content creators are increasing and their distribution channels are also- news,books,music,movies etc.
-aggregators will provide access to more in little chunks
-there is a huge value in archives that are untapped- people want access to those archives for various reasons
-the notion that talent by these 'amature' creators isn't there is not true- there is a lot of talent out there even if it doesn't conform to the norm.
-question what the role of the editor is when the marketplace begins doing that job and building trust

This morning as i read through my RSS feeds-i noticed that Chris Anderson was pointing to Tim O'reily post on "Long Tail evidence from Safari and Google Book Search" which of course ties in very nicely to what Chris spoke about on Friday.

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