Monday, July 17, 2006

Another FACTIVITE in the Blogsphere- Welcome Glad to have you!

A couple of my Factiva colleagues are bloggers who blog mostly with an emphasis on their day job- but none until now have been part of the Consulting Services group that i belong to. We have employee bloggers from the Product, Marketing, HR and Customer Services groups- non are corporate sponsored blogs- but as i have posted before we have had a blogging policy for a while.

A couple days ago i received a note from one of my favorite and smartest people at Factiva that he was starting a work related blog- Exploring Information Strategies -i knew i was going to love it because Jason is on top of his game and recently took over my old territory in New York- which means huge opportunities to work on some very innovative projects. Right off the gate he has two great posts about real life information delivery strategies that we are working on text to audio for news delivery into podcasts and some ideas on delivering information in the Competitive Intelligence space. Right on- keeping them coming!

Jason Malatesta has been with Factiva for a long time- i remember when he started as an intern- and is a product of learning the Factiva 'machine' through its guts like i did- spending time in the trenches of non-glamour in customer service, working closely with product and technology and direct sales back in the days when we began getting heavy into integration of content into enterprise applications and workflows. He has spent the last 2 years delivering engagements as an information consultant for the corporate and government sector- happily for me on some of my projects out West as well (if you read his personal blog- you can see he eats very well when he is on the West coast!)

Welcome Jason-you have been added to my "FACTIVITES- n. one who works at Factiva" RSS folder. I really look forward to reading more and sharing some of your ideas with my own clients.


Jason Malatesta said...

Thanks for the kind words Daniela! I'll have you know that I eat very well at all times, not just when I travel. I consider it my goal in life to eat in every restaurant the world over. I'm probably only about half way. :-)

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