Thursday, June 08, 2006


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I will get back to the topic of this blog in my next post. i have had a crazy week-but have tons whirling around my head...

Early on in my career I was given the advice to keep my politics out of my business life. I like others see my blog as an extension of my personal and business life. I typically do keep my politics to myself (like you can't tell which side of the fence i fall by spending 2 minutes with me!)- but I don't even think this movie is about politics but about humanism and economics.

I am leaving for a one week trip back east for work and heading off this weekend to see my family, so we decided last night to go see this movie- we knew that we didn't want to wait until I got back.

Please go see this movie- it is extremely important- if we don't see and act on the truth- the wonderful things we are working on will be completely irrelevant soon enough. Typically i would send out e-mails to all my friends and colleagues-this time i am using my blog-


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