Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Free WiFi Access at Airports and Town Squares but not at Hotels

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I have been traveling this week, mostly through airports that i have been traveling through for the last year for client visits but today i was 'lucky' enough to have to spend some additional time at these airports. I guess i usually just have better appointment times and can get in and out without waiting around. You can typically see me running through terminals in Seattle, Portland, Newark etc. Today, starting with an hour in Boise- were i was able to download all my e-mails via free WiFi so i can finalize a client deliverable for tommorrow and now in Portland. Yesterday in Boise the Basque square had free WiFi and a lovely outdoor area for us to prep for today's meeting but then i got to the hotel and they wanted $9.95 for 24hrs session. i went to sleep instead. i am going to start refusing to pay for internet access at hotels. it is silly!

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Mike Wish said...

I wish Hithrow had free WIFI access. The longest layovers happen in that airport. They wanted $12.95 for two hours. I found a small coffee house near by house in NJ that offers free WIFI. I am now a loyal customer!