Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

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Peter Rips posted on the EarlyStage VC Blog "So What Does Web 2.0 in the Enterprise Look Like?", a topic that i among others who are interested in information delivery within the enterprises have been thinking about and discussing.

Some of the aspects that interest me and that i am dealing with in the enterprise space with my customers is that Web 2.0 principles are shaping application development inside the firewall and user requirements are pushing for two-way flows of information between users and the Web, user initiated organization of content, and the increasing use of social software tools to create communities.

I certainly agree with Peter Rips that "Several years from now the big influence of Web 2.0 on Enterprise apps won't look like a Flickr, Mappr, Taggr, or Tiggr behind a firewall. They won'’t look like a wiki, digg, or a space. Collaboration will be a feature, not a purpose. Many if not all Enterprise apps will include tagging, collaborative markup, etc. But collaboration will become a feature of business process applications the way printing is feature of desktop apps." I am however having a hard time believing that
"Web 2.0 in the Enterprise looks a lot like Google 2.0" and hope along with the Peter Rip that users don't stand by and become complicit.

There is more and more conversation about this topic popping up. A while back i was introduced to Dennis McDonald's blog via Jeremiah Owyang who co-authored a
White Paper on Business/IT/Web with Dennis McDonald's based upon their observations and findings about IT, Business and Web 2.0. They also published a podcast update to that WhitePaper in April Enterprise IT and Web 2.0 Update. Dennis's site is a great resource on enterprise adoption of Web 2.0 with a focus on how business and IT can work together. He even has a Web 2.0 Management Survey of how companies are managing "web 2.0".

Do you know of other resources focused on Web 2.0 in the Enterprise that you can comment on?

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