Sunday, May 14, 2006

San Francisco Living

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This goes out to all my east coast folks-most who could care less about my enteprise information thoughts and ramblings....

We had a late start yesterday when we headed over to the Kfog for the fireworks show, so when we got to pier 30-32 it was jammed pack so we conceded to watching it from behind the baseball park- we however had tentative plans to meet with some folks and it turn out that they were hanging with someone that had access to the back of a private pier. so we had an incredible view of the fireworks. My ears are still popping! great stuff-

The official Kfog fireworks video is here - but more importantly my handy video work is here on my YouTube account.

I also uploaded some pics to my flickr account as did many others. an excellent example of using tags to view common things.

now we are heading out to the SF Giants game.....yep maybe today Bonds will do it for his mom.

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