Thursday, May 11, 2006

Networking outside of my blog conversations and work

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A couple of months ago, on my one year anniversory of moving to the San Francisco area from New Jersey, i promised myself that i would work harder at networking and meeting new people in the Bay area that may or may not have anything related to my work. Of course i meet people (i am not a ogre)- at social events like music gigs, festivals, hikes etc. but overall most of my interactions from a professional development prespective are with folks i work with or customers. I have made excuses that i have simply been too busy with work- so i am going to focus on doing it right. I have also started to post comments on blogs- some bloggers respond- others don't (which i don't expect anyway). Those blog 'conversations' are valuable but i have been yearning more person to person conversation as well.

I have been keeping a Google Calendar- that is feeding me some great conference alerts etc. from published RSS feeds which i will be taking advantage of (for example tommorrow i am going here to listen to Chris Anderson
) . I have also been asking around about what local bay area organizations i should join and today i was recommended the following which also look very interesting :

Today, during my lunch with a great new contact that i met at a conference a couple weeks ago, we started discussing the difference between West Coast and East Coast networking. He is also a recent transplant (although he has lived out West before) and shared with me that the West coast networking events are way more interactive and people are willing to share more about what they are working on and how they are successful. That is very inspiring. i learned other things as well during our lunch- proving that indeed face to face conversation is refreshing and needed.

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