Sunday, April 23, 2006

Garden Visiting to avoid 4 eyes

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I was probably in 4th grade when i got my first computer. It was a brand new Commodore 64- which according to this site probably retailed for US$200-$300. At that time this was a huge investment for my parents since we had just immigrated to this country but thank goodness they did indulge me because that was just the start i needed. I remember vividly how my mother would tell me to turn it off because it was going to ruin my eyesight (oh wait is that memory from 20yrs ago or just the last time i visited her?). I managed to need glasses by the time i was 10 and today i am blind as a bat without my glasses/contacts (and no i am not convinced that it was the computer but more so genetics). to avoid 4 eye syndrome that my mother claims to be perpetrated due to my excessive use of the computer and to celebrate Earth Day, yesterday i managed to stay away from the laptop and spend the majority of the day outside.

I was invited to go to The Garden Conservancy Peninsula Open Day in which three private gardens in Atherton were open to the public. Garden Conservancy experts estimate that more than two-thirds of great American gardens have already been lost to the tides of time. We got to spend the afternoon strolling through 3 gardens in the Peninsula and i got to take some pictures of some of the beauties we saw. This one was stunning. Thanks to Donald for the lovely afternoon...

Today as you probably notice i spent some time updating my blog site. Inspired by the beauty i saw yesterday perhaps but let me know what you think!

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