Sunday, April 23, 2006

Agile Information Intelligence Podcast

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A couple posts back i mentioned that i had gone to Delphi Group's 'Information Intelligence Summit' in Phoenix. One of the guest panelists was Factiva's VP of products Dennis Cahill and as a follow-up he was interviewed by Dan Keldsen of the Delphi Group.

I didn't get a chance to listen to the podcast until this afternoon and a couple things of interest to me that i am glad to hear in public coming from one of our leadership team members:

  • Dennis talks about the product group moving into the agile development space when building out new products. Just last week i commented on how I felt bad about product development folks that need to keep up with the marketplace and how impressed i have been over the last year and a half. It seems to be working and customers are definitely seeing the benefits.
  • A discussion on enterprise search provides a glimpse of where search is going in the enterprise.
  • Dennis talks about the importance of listening to the marketplace in order to participate with customers in understanding how to use content better.

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Dan Keldsen said...

Daniela - Thanks for the commentary on the podcast. Depending on when you listened to it, the transcription may not have been available, but is now available for all to read, as well as listen to - in-browser, downloaded via the blog, or sync'ed from within the iTunes Music Store (ITMS).