Wednesday, February 23, 2005

on 40west again heading to memphis 6:15am CMT

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Morning folks.On the road again...early rise with no issues. Townes slept like a king on the king size bed across 3 pillows while dylan and I squeeze on one side. I got the inside which meant I got jabbed and smelly toes in the face, but a restful sleep non-the-wise.
we were just talking about how steve earle, and the rest of the TNfolks live 15min west outside of nashville. Wonder if he stopped at the BP last night :-)
Memphis in less then two hours..

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Anonymous said...

ahh..what a tug at my heart. By the time you read this you will be in the land that I love and swinging thru my favorite city, Memphis. Give her a big hello for me..'Paris never was my kind of town.'