Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Kingston Springs, outside of Nashville 8pm CMT

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alright folks we are on Central Mountatin Time now.....

Just checked in to the Best Western in Kingston Springs (which i found on dogfriendly.com)

Good Weather, light traffic roads made it for a very good driving day. We are now about 15 miles west outside of Nashville. Made a call from the road (how great is technology) to make the reservation noting the two pups and no problem what's so ever, just an extra 10 bucks per pup. The guy at the reception however has not seen the white goon with the very bloodshot eyes and wobbly legs.;-)

We did over 950 miles today which is pretty good for the first day. An early night means an early morning wake-up which lends to beter and quicker driving!!!

Everything is holding up in the truck with no big shifting. Dylan drives that thing like it should be a career. I am liking the minivan, but can't see a future with the Caravan anytime soon. Mark is playing relief which is great and will be even better once these roads tire us out.

We have been tralied by a fleet of white freightliners each pulling two others backwards, which is interesting to look at to say the least. maybe if we see them tomorrow i will take a pic.

Dylan calculated earlier today that if we listen to the dave alvin album 48 times we will be home on the 48th hearing. Great album but not sure if i can handle 48 turns in 3 days. good thing the minivan is equiped with over 300 CDs

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