Sunday, October 17, 2010

Creative Interesting Work on the Internet

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The world is full of interesting things that intersect with technology on the internet. Every once in a while if you have good filters (for me it is usually real humans i follow on twitter) you get interesting links that will bring you to a site that will wow- you. This presentation from the Creative Lab at Google has over 100 'interesting' things on the web- from a combination of pure technology to interaction with 'real' life, art, music etc.

Make sure you use full Screen version for best experience since the embed below plays and the full version you can control easier.

It has a lot of content in it- and a bit hard to consume. A couple of things i would have been liked which i believe are just limitations of Google docs:
  • The ability to link to specific pages , the URL is static for the whole presentation. There is a move to slide feature but you can't link to specific slides.
  • Someway to record the slide # you like- besides the stickie on my desk
  • A table of Contents (probably not a technical limitation just a manual process for 120 slides that a google creative person probably would rather not spend time doing!)- but even the top level categories (Audio,Tech, Sports, Politics, Books, History, etc.) could have been valuable to get through the entire presentation

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