Friday, July 02, 2010

The "Face" of EContent for July and August

I was delighted when Nancy Davis Kho over at EContent Magazine contacted me a couple months back to tell me that she had chosen me for her Faces of EContent column (visit her personal site for an overview of more on her writing including pieces in The San Francisco Chronicle). I have read many of Nancy's articles before and we have also had good conversations at various content related conferences about enterprise content trends and opportunities.

So via Twitter (ah how else!) i was notified by @daviskho and @graubart that my profile has been published in the July/August Faces of EContent. I take responsibility for that oh not so great photo, we wanted an action shot in the office and this is the best i could do - at least i am smiling!


Nancy Davis Kho said...

Thanks for playing ball, Daniela - was great to learn more about your day to day work and I only wish I'd had more room to include all that you do, especially in the realm of data portability!

John said...

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