Monday, July 06, 2009

Speaking at eComXpo Free Virtual Show This Week

This Thursday at 11:20EST, i will be conducting a session with Jonathan Kranz on day two of eComXpo which is virtual show for "e-commerce and affiliate marketers that addresses the latest trends and issues in marketing for retailers, affiliates and networks". [registration is free so join us!]

The title of our session is "Now You’re Cooking: How A Dow Jones eBook Boosted Brand And Tripled Lead-Gen Expectations" which is a case study of the ebook i published last June with Dow Jones titled "The Taxonomy Folksonomy Cookbook: Finding the Right Recipe for Organizing Enterprise Metadata".

Jonathan was instrumental in the copy writing and concept design of that ebook as well as the most recent one "The Conversational Corporation: How Social Media is Changing the Enterprise" that i cowrote with Robert Scoble, Shel Israel and Greg Merkle. Jonathan is spectacular to work with and in this session he will share with the audience some of the tips that he shared with us as we were putting together and publishing our own successful ebooks.

The session summary from the conference agenda reads as follows:

If content is king on the Web, then what’s the royal road to online success? For Dow Jones, the secret was an ebook strategy that positioned them for leadership--and resulted in three times the number of downloads and leads than they had expected. Co-hosts Jonathan Kranz, author of Writing Copy for Dummies, and Daniela Barbosa, Business Development Manager for Dow Jones’ Synaptica, share their insights on:
  • How a traditional company is reinventing its content/copy through ebooks
  • Uncovering opportunities for competitive distinction through thought-leadership
  • How to leverage expertise to build brand, generate leads and lubricate the sales process pipeline
  • The crucial power of killer graphics — why ebooks are more than mere whitepapers
  • Promotional power — leveraging Web ads, social media, webinars, personal appearances and more to accelerate success

I am really looking forward to conducting this session with Jonathan, he certainly has a lot to share with everyone based on what he has learned over the years in producing projects for various types of clients and we will be sharing some real stories that came out of the two ebooks i have written over the last year. 'See' you there!


Christopher said...

I thought your e-book was excellent & while I never thought of it as a lead generation tool that's absolutely brilliant!

It's got me thinking about wrinting an e-book on data quality.

Christopher (aka communicating)

daniela barbosa said...


I think you should! It is a great way to communicate messages and establish your self as an 'expert' (well that is if you have something good and unique to say!).

Jonathan Kranz has an ebook coming out on the subject of ebooks and why people/companies should use ebook approaches- when it is published i will send it your way~