Thursday, May 14, 2009

Real Life Twitter

Lately my husband, in an attempt to obviously connect with me more over my Twittering habit has taken to yelling things out loud in a monotone voice like 'starting to make dinner by myself. lol' from the other room to get my attention away from the computer or 'OMG i just found the best shoes. and on sale!' when i pickup a new pair.

So of course, I just laughed hysterically as i watched this clip- on what would happen if the way we communicate on Twitter was the way we communicated in real life.

Hey at least we would talk to one another more- even if it was uni-directional!


Diane Thieke said...

Daniela, This cracked up both me and my husband. We have a similar relationship as you and your husband. LOL!

Jeremy Person said...

'Starting to make dinner by myself. lol'...too funny.