Thursday, July 24, 2008

Music to Technology: We Can Do Better

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Robert Scoble over on his Scobleizer blog posted that he thought the best Fortune Brainstorm Tech Talk this week was Neil Young challenging the tech industry on music quality.

I just saw Neil when i was in Portugal (and we always catch him when he plays around here) and he blew me away.

I am not surprised that Neil is on the front line challenging the industry to make the quality of music better. He has spent a lifetime tinkering with musical equipment to make it sound better on stage, when recording etc.

My understanding is that he loves to tinker and has invented some pretty cool things not only for music, but also for his kids especially with his fascination for Lionel Trains. He is also building a better greener car.

In regards to Robert's question on whether i would like better quality music or MP3 is good enough?

I think we can do better and therefore we should- for the sake of the music and future listeners who might not get the chance to see someone like Neil play live music.

The man plays like he is possessed sometimes (and i was happy to see i caught this in action with this picture) and he tackles his projects in the same way so i am glad he is taking this one on.

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