Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Thing i LOVE to Talk Because I Have a lot of Talking Coming Up

I guess i am a lucky girl, because the upcoming months are just going to be great (well that is if all goes well and i don't blow it of course!). I have a bunch of speaking engagements coming up that are all going to be at conferences that i am very excited about attending as well. So here is the run down in order of appearance:

Enterprise Search Summit West- September 23th-24th in San Jose, CA. I will be co-presenting with a client about centralized taxonomy management best practices into enterprise information systems (search, CMS/DMS, portals etc.) This is a two day conference that covers how to develop, implement and enhance search capabilities in the Enterprise.

Taxonomy Bootcamp- September 25th-26th in San Jose, CA. I will be introducing a client case study highlighting their use of the Synaptica tool that i am Business Development Manager of at Dow Jones.
Finding a Common Language: Bringing Complex and Disparate Vocabularies Together
2:15 pm – 3:00 pm
Paula R McCoy, Manager, Taxonomy Development, ProQuest
Daniela Barbosa, Dow Jones & Company

This case study addresses the challenges ProQuest faced in managing multilingual controlled vocabularies using multiple Word documents and authority files maintained in an Oracle database. Speakers describe how implementing a thesaurus management tool helped ProQuest simplify and standardize its business semantic management to create a common language and connect disparate information assets as well as handling large and varied vocabularies and authority files, linking new and existing editorial systems and enabling hierarchical views, and automating thesaurus management tasks.

Web2.0 Expo New York- September 16-19th. I will be presenting as part of the Landscape & Strategy track with Chris Saad on Understanding the Basics of Personal Data: Vendors, Users, and You. This track covers the fundamentals of Web 2.0 and explores how they drive strategy, business models, and revenue. The panels will look at how Web 2.0 is affecting finance, advertising, media, fashion, and real estate, and explain how the building blocks of Web 2.0—user-generated content, rich internet applications, collective intelligence, the wisdom of crowds, software as a service, lightweight development models, and mashups—are changing the landscape of media, software, and the economy. I still crack up when i see my picture on the speaker list among some of the big Web2.0 heavy hitters. My mom would be so proud if she knew what Web 2.0 was! {Use Code webny08mc23 to register for Web 2.0 Expo New York and Save $100 or Get a Free Expo Pass}

and last but not least....

Defrag- November 3rd -4th in Denver. This one i am even more excited about because i heard just great feedback about this conference last year. My presentation is titled 'Pulling the threads on user data'. Just like all the other conferences i am super delighted to be on the speakers list with some amazing folks like Stowe Boyd, Esther Dyson, fellow ReadWriteWeb named 'Seven Leading Corporate Social Media Evangelists' Aaron Fulkerson and Sam Lawrence, Paul Kedrosky, Richard Hoeg, Charlene Li, Paul Miller, Clay Shirky and my old friend Lou Paglia among many others. Just the list of speakers would have been enough for me to go, so i am super privileged to also have the opportunity to speak!
NOTE: You should seriously think about going to Defrag and then you should use code 'db1'- that will get you an additional $100 off of current early bird prices. I am also excited to say that Dow Jones Client Solutions is going to be exhibiting at Defrag-more to follow on why we are there and why Defrag attendees should care in another post!

Good stuff- now i have some thinking and presentations to finish!


Anonymous said...

Hey Daniela. I really "enjoyed" reading your White paper (Taxonomy cookbook) but won't have the opportunity to come to NYC in September. WIll you also be attending/Speaking at the Berlin event of the web 2.0 conf?

daniela barbosa said...

Glad you 'enjoyed' it. Hope you find it useful as well to start the conversation about hybrid approaches to implementing folksonomies and taxonomies!

No plans at this point to go out to Berlin- but i love Berlin and would go in a heartbeat if asked ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well actually yes!
I am working for a french company developping a webservice that let users share and structure their information within their company to make the knowledge management easy time-saving, and even FUN!

So I thought it was really interesting to test our ideas on new materials and other people's concepts...

And your idea to mix up Taxonomy and Folksonomy to reach higher results is supported by recent surveys about the enterprise 2.0 (Such as the recent McKinsey's study).

Yet if I think it can easily be done for large companies I still have doubts about small and middle sized companies which have neither the time nor the ressources to implement a full tailor-made taxonomy to start their own employees-powered folksonomy...

So I think we still have some new solutions to invent for this particular market!

Anyway you're right to love Berlin. Best city ever ;)

Mr Dinar said...

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