Monday, June 23, 2008

TechCrunch Enterprise

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Back in September 2006 i excitedly blogged about news that TechCrunch was going to have an Enterprise version. I am a big TechCrunch fan because it allows me to keep myself up on the latest and greatest in consumer technology which i truly believe eventually bleeds in one form or another into the Enterprise- if it provides values to the user.

So for the last year and a half i have been blogging about the enterprise and how companies can and should leverage technologies and trends in the consumer space-many of these i find out about on Techcrunch. I have often thought about the news i had read back in 2006- but figured since i was doing such a wonderful job covering the space- Arrington didn't feel he could compete with me (this is when you fall over laughing hysterically of course!).

Well the time is now I guess and TechCrunchIT just launched with Steve Gillmor, Editor and Nik Cubrilovic as Co-Editor. From their about page:

TechCrunching the Enterprise

TechCrunchIT (TCIT) is the newest blog in the TechCrunch network. TCIT is dedicated to obsessively profiling products and companies in the Enterprise Technology space. TCIT aims to promote an understanding of emerging and existing Enterprise technologies and to analyze their commercial, social, and consumer impacts.

This new blog features a range of Enterprise-related news and analysis including applications, open standards, platforms, cloud computing, microenterprises, customer experience, legacy enterprise, social media, information management and software among other subjects. TCIT coverage includes profiles and first-person guest blogs from the people leading Enterprise Technology innovation – to further personalize the Enterprise space for the trade and consumers.

The target audience is not necessarily for early adopters or geeks but for technology and business leaders—decision makers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and influencers.

I am looking forward to the coverage (although the first few posts are a bit bla).

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