Monday, April 21, 2008

So Your Company Profile is in the Top Ten on LinkedIn What Does it Mean?

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Through a Twitter message from @Infosourcer a new twitter follower of mine who is the Manager of Internet Research at Deloitte (who also have @DeloitteLLP)- a pointer to a post on the LinkedIn Blog about Top 10 Company Profiles on LinkedIn (April 2008).

So what does it mean to be one of the Top 10 Company Profiles views on LinkedIn?

  • do they have the biggest ego maniacs?
  • are their employees being recruited the most?
  • do they have the most interesting people working for them?
  • do they have the most social media enabled employees that are pushing their online profiles?
  • are they companies that most people want to sell into?
  • are they the most socially connected companies?
  • are they just purging from one another?
  • are they just bigger then everyone ?
I certainly wasn't surprise to see any of these companies and i am sure size attributes to it but i would love to see a comparison graph of how successfull the top 10 profiled viewed companies compare in using LinkedIn to recruit new employees as well. I did a quick search in the job board and found the following numbers of job posted by the top 10:

GE (and General Electric)- 4
Deloitte- 3
Cisco- 236
HP- 22
Oracle- 337
Google- 154
Microsoft - 113
Accenture- 31
IBM- 3

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