Thursday, April 03, 2008

OpenID Status Check: Are There Premium Services Using OpenID?

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OpenID is a key emerging open standard for online identity. A couple weeks ago i posted about how the Political Market Prediction Section of CNN Supports OpenID which i thought was the first implementation of OpenID in a main stream media site and since no one refuted maybe i was right?

Today over at ReadWriteWeb a great writeup and resource titled OpenID Status Check: A Guide to Getting and Using Your OpenID gives you all you need to get up to speed on what is going on in the OpenID space. It is awesome to see such great adoption across the space and usability issues being addressed.

So are there any premium content providers that are using OpenID? By premium i mean having a monthly, yearly subscription fee to access content and services online. I took a look OpenID Site Directory and saw that some services like for example Flickr that provide premium accounts allow users to utilize OpenID - so will we see more services that have a freemium and premium models using OpenID? And will we see it with the online content providers who still want to maintain a user registration model with different levels of access?

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