Tuesday, April 15, 2008

DataPortability Logo selection open for public voting

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In early March the DataPortability Group received a cease and desist letter from Red Hat that the DataPortability Logo was too similar (identical, in their words) to their Fedora Logo. Instead of fighting it, after discussing with the community we decided to run a contest to select a new DataPortability Logo.

In addition to having the honor to be the designer of the new DataPortability logo and to help the community create an important Trust Mark for the emerging Data Portability conversation, there are also many prizes from companies who support the DataPortability initiative and have donated prizes to be awarded to the winner including an iPhone, Ad space on Techcrunch, cash and more. We had over 400 submissions, which have been narrowed down to 15 finalists over the course of the last month.

The idea is that the DataPortability Logo will be the center piece of the DataPortability Brand and will be used on blog sidebars, websites and projects to show support for the DataPortability Project.

So Vote Now! The public voting begins on April 15, at 12pm (PST), and ends on Friday, April 18, at 11:59pm (PST).

Some people are critiquing that the DataPortability Group has been too busy dealing with the logo contest instead of doing 'real' work towards data portability. Well some people really have been busy since this process has been very time consuming and Elias one of the leaders of the "logo gang" writes about some of the project processes in this post- at times a challenging technical and organizational project that i am super impressed these folks pulled off within the time lines set! Congrats and Job Well Done!

From the outside i can see how someone might say that the group is not doing much beyond a contest for a new logo-we are a young group (established in late Nov 07)-but i have had the pleasure to see from the 'inside' (which is really public and open to participation!)- there is other work going on and very passionate people who are indeed working towards making data portable while continuing in the establishment of governance and process for the group. Setting up processes is something that just needs to be done as well and this logo contest project in addition to delivering a project that we wanted to do with the community, provided us with some real use cases for getting projects started and completed as DataPortability deliverables-let's hope that some of the lessons learned will hyper-power the next few projects.

What are you waiting for? Vote Now!

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