Thursday, February 14, 2008

What Are The Latest Trends in Consumer Generated Media

I had a colleague ask me today what i thought were the latest trends in consumer generated media- what "i thought was exciting and gaining traction". My thoughts are below- my definition of media is obviously not just text based media but content that is created through multiple formats that represents an idea, an opinion, an endorsement, a conversation etc.

What have i missed (not specific service providers but additional categories)? Please add to comments. Thanks!

In no particular order:
  • Twitter and other microblogging platforms
  • Social Networks- content created through things like Facebook feeds
  • User generated Metadata (Library of Congress Flickr project, increase in Microformat adoption, FOAF, enablers like Reuters Calais project etc.)
  • Visualization – taking data and making visual engaging media–Swivel , ManyEyes, Gapminder
  • Portable content- content that consists of friends lists, attention filters etc. see
  • Video Video Video – but not just uploading/sharing video- Services like Seesmic that enable conversations and EyeJot- new communication to replace emails etc.
  • Self publishing,, etc.
  • User Generate product creation, Zazzle, Cafepress,- all the rage is to create your own merchandise – smart vendors are jumping on board see the partnerships that folks like Zazzle have with Disney,Lucas etc.
  • Self publishing tools for creating business marketing, e-learning material etc. Flypaper, slideshare,
  • Online Digital Picture tools- Picnik, Scrapblog
  • Data that creates data- mashups that are taking user generated content and generating content from that data for the user on the fly. Tools like MyBlogLog’s enablement of Blog Juice
  • Mobile content- be it video, pictures or good old text
What else?


Sameer said...

I would add Satisfaction ( to the list of Business Marketing - Customers AND Company support staff answering questions.

daniela barbosa said...

That is a great one Sameer that i had missed!
User generated customer support media.

Jeremiah Owyang said...

Social Graph