Thursday, January 10, 2008

Microsoft Guns for Google with targeted recruiting efforts

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Have you ever gotten a call from a recruiter at a certain massive company in Mountainview, CA and wondered out loud who does their own department recruiting because obviously the person on the other line had done no homework whatsoever in reviewing what you or the company you currently work at do? They probably didn't even 'google' your name. I have been on the other side and it is painful and honestly we have all been on the phone with recruiters so they aren't the only ones.

Especially in the technology world recruiting can be cut throat when bidding for the right candidate and the recruiter better be prepared to not only have done their homework on the candidate but also on the company they work at, and their competitors who may also be bidding for that worker especially for fancy college graduates.

eWeek's Joe Wilcox who covers Microsoft recorded this podcast with Ruth Van Dyke, Microsoft's Staffing Research & Competitive Intelligence manager, and Arthur Rassias, vice president of Dow Jones Enterprise Media Group Client Solutions, in which they discuss how the Microsoft implemented a rich content driven recruiting system using Dow Jones services. I happen to be the person that worked very closely with Ruth to gather the groups requirements and make recommendations for a multiple phases so I am particularly pleased with the outcome and happy that Microsoft is seeing benefits from the solution.

The full case study with additional details is available here.

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