Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The First Monthly DataPortability Project Report

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Dear Husband,

No i am not having an affair via Skype or posting my personal desires in public and private Google Groups, although i have spent in an inordinate amount of time over the last few weeks- more then usual doing this things but darlin' there is a purpose....

I among many others who are actively participating in the DataPortability Project have been very busy- and remember many of us like me have full time plus+ jobs- making sure that what we started does not just become another project without any action.

Remember when i cursed out loud the other night because of some naysayer? Well i am sure he is still talking crap since i haven't seen any action out of him- but i am beyond that because what is happening is a lot of really smart engaged people who care are contributing and we are getting things done- although i hate to tell you that there is a lot more to do and i am committed to doing my part.

So today the first monthly DataPortability Report was published, yeah i know you don't really care because it ain't your bag and you probably only care about the output of the project as it affects your own personal online use, but i am really proud that the team i am part of within the DataPortability Evangelism Action group has published this report. Not sure if this is good news for you specifically.... but we are going to be publishing these monthly so everyone sees the work that all the Action Groups are doing.

We hope these reports will serve as digests for those who want to follow the conversation but don't have the time to monitor the conversation closely. But don't worry, I can give you personal updates as needed so you don't have to bother to subscribe ;-)

Thanks for your understanding and i love you,


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