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2008 Conferences Reference and another example of practical Semantic Data use

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Every year i get to go to multiple conferences and there are always more that i would like to go to but just can't. Some of them my company sponsors like Taxonomy Bootcamp, Enterprise Search Summit, FastForward, and SLA (Special Library Association) and many others i get to go to because i think they are going to be educational, interesting and a great way to network.

Frank Gruber just posted a good resource listing a 2008 Web 2.0 & Technology Conference Calendar, that regardless of where you are located you should take a look at because there are some good listings (and others are being added in the comments). According to his feed stats, Frank has over 31,000 readers so obviously i am not the only one that thinks his Blog is a must read.

So as i was leaving Frank a message thanking him for his efforts in aggregating the data, i was thinking -like others who left comments- that it would awesome if you could quickly add things from his blog post to your calendar - like for example Google calendar. (Note: As i was writing this post Frank has added a shared Google Calendar)

So since i have been playing around with Microformats and RDFa, i decided to give the hCalendar Creator a try in order to create an easy way to add events to Calendars from this blog by using the Firefox Operator Add-on (sorry non-geeks but the good news is Firefox 3.0 will support out of box). This Add-on leverages microformats and other semantic data that is available on many web pages and allows viewers to interact with the data. Let me show you.

Using the Creator i copied and pasted some of the events that i am planning on attending into the hCalendar Creator interface which produced code that i embedded directly into my post. One would hope that these tools will eventually be available through all blog software packages- i currently use Blogger (i found this Wordpress plugin)

The code is nicely displayed as follows:

January 14th18th, 2008 MacWorld Conference & Expo– at San Francisco, CA
Immerse yourself in five revitalizing day’s worth of the largest gathering of Mac industry experts, pundits, and enthusiasts. Cultivate fresh skills, nurture new acquaintances, and harvest indispensable tools in which to further feed your imagination and fuel your Mac soul. Watch Steve Jobs' customary keynote address where he usually announces and sometimes unveils new Apple products.

April 10thJanuary 15th, 2008 Information Architecture Summit 2008– at Miami, FL
A premier gathering place for information architects and for discussion about information architecture. Everyone who touches on IA is welcome to share and learn. Last year's IA Summit attracted over 500 attendees, including beginners, experienced IAs, and people in a range of related fields. This year's tagline/theme is "Experiencing Information."
Tags: Assist IA

April 22th25th, 2008 Web 2.0 Expo 2008– at San Francisco, CA
A companion event to the Web 2.0 Summit, Web 2.0 Expo is the first event specifically designed to help teach Web 2.0 techniques and best practices to people in the trenches directly involved in the design, development, engineering, marketing, and business of second-generation internet technology.

These hCalendar events brought to you by the hCalendar Creator.

Once i embedded the code into the post- my Operator Plugin immediately picked up that on the page there were 3 events as you see in the tool bar below- hoovering over the event gives me options to Export the Event, Bookmark it or add it to a calendar (supported by Google/Yahoo!)

Franks page, because it does not have any Semantic information does not show any events per the image below.

Now if i published my hCard as well then someone visiting my blog could easy say- hey i am going to that event as well and i would love to meet Daniela, let me quickly add her to my contacts and send her a meeting invite for when i will be at the event.

I know that i am probably over simplifying Microformats (although the seem simple enough to understand) but i hope i make the point that semantic data like what Microformats provides is extremely valuable as we create more and more content- and yes i know i am over simplifying because i had read through the beginning chapters of the Microformat book and this blog which i hacked together so it wouldn't show a blogger tool bar on top is certainly not a properly formatted site!

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Beware the inaccesibility of the way microformats (mis-) use ABBR: