Saturday, December 01, 2007

Who would have thunkit?

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i only have electronic access to the full text of The Wall Street Journal from 1979 forward (it has been in print since 1889 and i am way too lazy to go to the microfiche) but the phrase 'bob dylan' appears 413 times, (and only 76 of those in the headline or lead paragraph)- with the earliest reference being in 1984 when he was referenced in a travel review of country hotels of Britain as staying at the Tulchan Lodge on the Scottish hills.

In 1965 Bob Dylan was in san francisco doing a news conference and he was asked if he thought there would ever be a time when he would paint or sculpt and he responded with a 'oh yes'...'oh sure' - and giggles (see embedded video at 5:15). At that point neither he nor the audience would have thought that he would be featured in The Wall Street Journal article covering an art show of his original works.

And let's think about it- Wall Street Journal readers who read the paper in 1965 would have never thunkit themselves that a two article color print feature in the Leisure & Arts section with a corresponding online slide show would exist about Bob Dylan in 2007. yeah so i will cliché it up and say it- the times -well the journal it keeps a-changin'.

PS> Bob fan? run don't walk to see I'm Not There

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