Thursday, December 13, 2007

Innovation support from within

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i always seem to blog about myself- well first because we all know how much i adore talking about myself... but also because it is easier- but today i want to take the opportunity to highlight one of my coworkers who allows me to be successful- her name is Lisa (the one on the right in this picture) and she is a Global Marketing Manager for our Dow Jones Client Solutions group.

Lisa never says no- although sometimes it comes back as a "no" or a "not now" just because it can't be and i understand that and when i don't (as you can imagine i can be difficult at times) she has the tact to make me understand.

As we head into the new year Lisa had a great idea to have an internal video contest highlighting our core capabilities and how our business has changed over the year. I (note: this is when i get back to talking about myself btw) came up with a good idea and gathered the local team to join the production staff- and guess what?

.....Yes. We won!- over 15 internal submissions (so proud we got that many!!) and we came in first place with a spoof on the PC Mac commercials. And honestly since we produced it, i haven't been able to stop watching it cause it cracks me up. Unfortunately the rules are that we can not distribute externally but here are some highlights:

- Old Services (played by Tyson) thinks Folksonomies are music
- Old Services only knows intranets and can't spell Wiki
- Old Services believes that every clients (played by Soo) wants an "out of the box" solution that works exactly like those the client's competitors has on their own sites
- Old Services doesn't ensure adoption of solutions that leads to unhappy clients
- New Services (played by Brent) of course is hip- understands the client needs and our core capabilities and is dedicated to innovating with the client

Very happy with:
1. having a marketing resource like Lisa - thank you,!!
2. feeling that for a big corporate company DJ (as of today News Corp let's see how that changes things...) is brave enough which is cool
3. winning ;-)

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Erin & Brent said...

It's really all about the cinematography - good job Daniela!