Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tim Berners-Lee wants data portability

Via the Between the Lines Blog, a pointer to this short video clip of a question Robert Scoble asked of Berners-Lee (I am sure Robert will be posting additional video over at Podtech eventully). In it Berners-Lee clearly explains why users want control of their data and why service providers need to listen.

Dave Winer among many others are also calling for control of their data across the internet and one of the groups i am involved is making some traction in defining some of the standards for just that.

PS> boo on CNET for not allowing embeds of their videos .


Chris said...

It's also a shame that Cnet and other high-profile bloggers don't provide context for these things.

It's fine to say what Tim wants, but why not link to initiatives that are working to enable his vision?

It's the same mistake main-stream journalists do - that's why we want social media - but they seem to be reverting back to old practices.

Veal said...

I think one of the failures of web 1.0 was trying to attach community to everything.

I worked in advertising back then, and there were (if you recall) tons of attempts to attach what's considered now "social" behaviors to every site under the sun, and the majority of the time they were huge failures.

Sometimes you just want to shop for socks in piece ya know? :)

daniela barbosa said...

veal chop-
that is why the user needs to be in control. When i don't feel social i don't go out.